Saturday, 9 May 2015

Quiet week

It has been a quiet week in my post box. I received a card from Kyiv in the Ukraine of a beautiful old church. I love old buildings, especially old churches and this postcard is definitely a favourite. I also received a lovely long letter, as well as some sticker sheets and a postcard from a pen pal in North Dakota.

I have decided that I need to get back into letter writing again and have been looking for new pen pals but have not yet written any letters. Between load shedding ( two nights this week) and a very busy work week, not to mention fighting off the last of a very nasty dose of flu, I have not really had the energy to contact a new pen pal or write a letter.

I have sent off two postcards for a personal swap and two for Postcrossing, as well as two small parcels for one-to-one swaps on Swap-bot.  I have also sent off a number of swaps that got lost in the post the first time around, so hopefully they will reach their destination safely this time and not end up in someone else’s pocket. I am trying to make amends on Swap-bot as I made a very stupid mistake last year. I joined Swap-bot about three weeks before our postal service went on a four month long strike. Nine of my swaps never arrived and I am still waiting for eight swaps that I never received. Given that I am still waiting for a present for my son's first birthday and he turns seven this year, I should not be too surprised.

I have discovered two awesome new sites that I would like to share with you. The one is called Postpals. It is an organisation in the UK that brightens the lives of sick children by organising letters,cards and small gifts for seriously ill children and their siblings. I think this is a wonderful idea and will definitely be putting a few cards in the post.

The other organisation I discovered is called Adopt a US soldier. One can “adopt” a soldier for his or her term of duty and send letters and care parcels to encourage them. I am not American but I feel that these men and women are doing an awesome job making the world a little bit safer for all of us. I have adopted a soldier and feel really privileged to be able to give support, even if it is just a letter or a few chocolate bars.

Well , so long till next week and happy swapping

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