Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My lovely ATC ... and other goodies

This week has been very difficult  and it was so nice to get some lovely post to cheer me up. I entered the  material ATC swap at Very Berry Handmade and my lovely Home Sweet Home ATC arrived in my post box yesterday. It came all the way from England and was made from a Victorian quilt with some lovely embellishments.

I have also quite a few postcards from Postcrossings as well as some from penpals.

 As you can see the theme was very British as all these postcards were from Britain.  I am also sending a postcard of the Union Buildings in Pretoria for the Random PC swap at Swapbot. Sorry for the blurry picture but I am still working on my photography skills. 

I am also sending off this fairy bookmark for a Swapbot swap. The front has a a fairy on a the back is full of butterflies. I hope my partner likes it as I had fun making it. My paper skills are still a work in progress as I have mainly worked in thread, yarn and material up until now. Making anything in paper is still quite a challenge but I am enjoying it.

I have had great fun putting together my parcel for the first swap I have organised on Swapbot. It is a colour swap with blue as the theme.The brief was to put together five blue things from your partners profile. I love putting together a parcel that I know someone will like and I only wish that I could see her face when she opens it.
I have also received my partner for the Chaotic Goddess favourite colour swap and cannot wait to start putting her parcel together. I think it will be so much fun to put together a parcel for someone in their favourite colour with their favourite goodies.

Are there any particular swaps you have enjoyed receiving or putting together this week?
Happy swapping

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