Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A book swap....very exciting

Winter has ARRIVED. No snow,although two years ago there was much excitement as there was a very light snowfall in Pretoria. I am not sure why it does not snow here but I am certain there is some scientific explanation for this. Nevertheless, temperatures hover just above freezing and everyone is huddled up in their winter woollies. While I have been a bit quiet thanks to load shedding and a frustrating lack of Internet access, my postbox has not. I received five  postcards in the mail, as well as bookmark swap from New Zealand and a few email swaps. This postcard of a Russian monastery is lovely.                                                                                

I apologise for the lack of photo's in this post but I have recently become the proud new owner of  a Samsung camera, thanks to my husband, and I am still learning how to use it. I am so pleased to hear that my swaps have started arriving overseas, as our post in not the most reliable in the world. Strangely my postcards do not go astray, only the lovely goodies I pack. Just saying.

I am participating in  a number of swaps at moment but the one that I am really excited about is the June Summer Book Swap over at LivingLesh. The swap involves sending two books and some book related goodies to your partner What could be better than looking forward to parcel of lovely books and goodies in the middle of a cold,dreary winter. Please take a wander over to her blog and see what the fuss is all about.


On another note, I have slowly come to realise that this swapping business can be a very addictive and even more expensive venture but it really is such fun when you get a parcel or a letter or a postcard in the postbox, especially if you need cheering up. My children are just as excited as I am and cannot wait to see what is in the letter or parcel. For an introvert like myself who has little time for socialising, writing letters to people is my way of connecting with the outside world. It is so easy to become isolated and just do work and home and little else. My swapping and writing is my way of spoiling myself and I really hope it gives the people who receive my letters and parcels as much pleasure as I take in writing them.

 I am ending this post with a wonderful quote that I came across today  from one of the people for whom I have the utmost admiration.

Happy swapping